Product Copper Alloy Tube & Pipe

Copper Alloy Tube & Pipe

Copper Alloy Tube & Pipe

Metalindo Prima Engineering is a highly qualified manufacturer of Copper alloy tube and pipe for the Oil refineries, Petrochemical industry, Natural gas plant, Ship-building, Power plant and Desalination plant. For many years, we have good experience in these areas and area able to supply our products in accordence with most international standards and customer’s special requirements.

We are confident that our high quality products will meet or exceed your expectation.

Product Items

  • Copper Nickel Tube & Pipe
  • Aluminium Brass Tube
  • Admiralty Brass Tube
  • Product Range (Tube & Pipe)


  • Outside diameter : 10 mm~250mm
  • Wall thickness : 0,5mm (Min.)
  • Length : 27,000mm (Max.)
  • Total product capacity per month : 1,000 Ton