Product Aluminum Brass Tube

Aluminum Brass Tube

 Aluminum Brass Tube

Aluminium Brass Tube is a copper zinc alloy containing aluminium and small amount of arsenic which is added as an inhibitor againts dezincification. Inhibited Aluminium Brass resist the action of high velocity salt and brackish water and is commonly used for condenser tube.

The outstanding characteristic of Aluminium Brass is the high resistance to impringement attack.

Aluminium Brass tubes are highly accepted and one of the extensively used material for various industrial applications.

Product Range :

  • Out diameter : 5,0mm(min) ~ 65mm(max)
  • Wall thickness : 0,5mm(min)
  • Length : 27,000mm(max)
  • Product capacity per month : 500 M.T.
  • U-bend tube (smallest bending radius > 2 x tube O.D.) 

Application :

Steam Ejector, Inter and After Condensers, Grand steam condensers, Feed Water Evaporators for Petrochemical Ship-building, Power plants and Desalination