Product Low Finned Tube

Low Finned Tube

Low Finned Tube

This integral low finned tubes are widely used as heat transfer tubes because of their large external surface area and high heat transfer performance compared with a plain tube.
This enchanced surface fin tubes allow our customers to either reduce the size of the heat exchanger or increase its performance.
The low finned tube we manufacture are designed to meet the most efficient and durable thermal performance for the most challenging situations and long lasting service life.

The low finned tubes are manufactured in accordance with international standards such as ASTM A498, ASTM A1012, ASTM B359, ASTM B891, ASTM B924 and customer’s special requirement. The low finned tube can be supplied as U-tubes with the bend area finned or plain.

Product Range

  • Bare tube diameter : 12,7mm ~ 38,1mm
  • Pitch : 19 ~ 36 FPI
  • Fin height : 0,7mm ~ 1,588mm
  • Length : 20,000mm(max)
  • Product capacity per month : 150,000 meter

The maximum heat transfer ratio of low finned tubes will be up to 2,5 to 3 times to compare with plain bare tubes and also it can be not only reduced the cost for new equipment or retrofitting of old equipments but also save the size or weight of new equipment from the beginning stage of basic design.

Testing & Inspection Procedure

  • Eddy current test
  • Pneumatic test
  • Hydrostatic test as per customer’s requirement
  • Dt : Outside diameter of plain end
  • Df : Diameter over fins
  • Dr : Root diameter of finned section
  • Di : Inside diameter of finned section
  • Tw : Wall thickness of plain section
  • Fw : Root wall thickness of finned section
  • PL : Plain end length
  • FL : Finned section length
  • A : Finned section taper length
  • LS : Land section length
  • TL1, TL2 : Length between plain end and land area
  • EL : Entire length